We’d like you to meet Kate…


Sheʼs a primary schoolteacher in her mid-twenties, living up North. Her relationship of three year is over, and she is trying to adjust to her new life without Adam.

With the help of her mum, her close friends and a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s, she is battling the harsh reality of winter to find the new hope of spring…

We started to dream up Kate’s story nearly ten years ago, as friends fresh out of university. We worked away in our shared flat (Post-It notes were rife), with Tim constantly asking Lia questions about what it was like from a girl’s point of view at different stages of a relationship. He’d then turn his scribbles into songs, after which we’d tweak lyrics and narrative points together.

Our dear friend Kate Roscoe originated the role of Kate in a workshop back in 2009. Her contributions were vital to the pieceʼs development, not least her beautiful voice and curly hair. Weʼd like to dedicate this recording to her.

As we both recently reached the milestone age of 30, we felt it was time to share our song cycle with the wider world. Listening back, it captures an important – and joyous – time in our lives.

We’re beyond thrilled that Corrine Priest agreed to record the piece with us. Her enormous talent and great sense of humour have brought a fresh perspective to our work.

– Tim Connor & Lia Buddle